Enter the Blogosphere

Enter the Blogosphere

Creating a blog is something anyone can accomplish in today’s world. A blog could represent a person’s thoughts, or events that have occurred. My experience with creating a blog showed me how effortless it was to become a blogger. I use to think creating a blog was challenging, and somewhat difficult. While completing this assignment I’ve realized creating a blog is as simple as saying 1, 2, 3. This shows how easy it is for anyone to become part of the internet, and have their views looked at by many people. Creating a blog is no longer just an adult activity. A 7 year old can create a blog about what they’ve learned in class, or what they’ve watched on television. The internet is such a powerful tool, and with people creating blogs everyday it shows how fast our world is always changing. People can now create blogs about the latest fashion, healthy dieting, political issues, sports, entertainment, etc. Most of the time when people create blogs, it’s something they have interest in sharing with others to read. For my assignment I’ve chose to create a blog on entertainment. Instead of reading magazines and looking at other people’s blog I’ve decided to create my own.


Entertainment is something I’ve always had interest in. As a little girl I would watch television shows and know everything that’s occurring around the world. Music is my specialty and although, I love to listen to it, I also like to know news behind it. One of the television shows I enjoy watching everyday is, The Wendy Williams Show. Her show is based upon interviewing people in the industry, and giving hot topics. Hot topics are simply gossip about people in the entertainment world. People in the entertainment could be music entertainers, actors/actresses, authors, or etc. Knowing the latest topics around the world is something I can read a thousand times a day. Majority of the people reading my blog would be young people and others that may want to know the latest news. Many young people and older individuals like to know the latest information on celebrities they may like. For an example, a celebrity choice of mine is a singer named Rihanna. While also enjoying her music, as a fan I like to know everything that she does including her fashion. If someone had a blog with information about Rihanna I would keep up with their information, and look at their blog on a daily basis.


I want people to be able to find interest in my blog. I’m not only creating a blog for this assignment, but I want others to enjoy and provide feedback with their opinions. As a person whom likes to read people’s blogs about the entertainment world, it’s an overwhelming feeling to know I can do the same for others. Not only is entertainment the main topic for my blog, but it’s also apart of my career goal. I want to become an entertainment journalist, and creating this blog was a great way to start. Having the opportunity to create a blog was the beginning of how I can obtain my information, and show others. It’s a way to have my information publicly shown to the world. I enjoy having a blog created with pictures, and others gadgets to make it look more enjoyable, and creative. Adding the content made my blog look more interesting and alive. My blog included calendars, pictures, my Facebook, Intstagram, and colors. Hopefully, creating this blog will help my future career become an reality.


The Monster


Eminem and Rihanna make the charts with No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 with their song (The Monster), according to RIHANNA DAILY.



Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are pronounced engaged on her birthday. Kanye suprised her with a ring, and an audience to witness.

Chris on the Loose !


According to Hollywood Life, Chris Brown is was able to avoid jail time. He was served 90 days in rehab. Apparently, he threw a rock at his mother’s car, and reporters were there to catch it.